Research in the Production Technology group at the University of Twente addresses technical issues of new products and new processes. The group’s mission is to develop methods for optimisation of manufacturing processes and the resulting product performance. We aim to operate at the forefront of research, and have an innovative impact on the industry. This helps the industry compete on the global market, while the findings and expertise are transferred into the education of young engineers at the same time.

‘Processing’ and ‘Product performance’ of lightweight materials in structural applications are the key words of the main research themes of the Production Technology group. Processing and performance can be optimised after thorough analysis and modelling in combination with a robust experimental programme. An integral approach is pursued, taking into account the relationships between geometric design, production process and material properties.

The University of Twente is a founding partner of TPRC with the aim to improve and expand its research and education activities on thermoplastic composites, to improve international visibility and recognition as a leading institute for research and education and to increase the scientific output, the number of students and graduates and the generation of spin-off activities

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